Omnibox to Subreddit

Omnibox to Subreddit

By Edward Shen

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Omnibox to Subreddit


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Omnibox to Subreddit Mode Free Download

Quickly go to a subreddit via the omnibox
Why this over other available options? For one simple reason: Privacy. This extension is made to be light and private. It doesn’t require any permissions or reads your browser history.

Why “subr” over “r” or “/r/”? Usability and efficiency. “r” is too often used just for itself, e.g. when learning about the programming language R, or googling a product id that starts with “r”. “/r/” requires the user to go out of the way to type the forward slash key. How inconvenient! Why not just use the alphabet?

Ever wanted to go to a subreddit, without having to type “”? Well, this is the extension of your dreams! Now you only need to type “subr”, followed by a space or tab, and then your desired subreddit of choice.

Saves you 8 (eight, yes, EIGHT!) whole letters of typing!
Less than 5KB! That’s less 0.0000002% of a 500GB hard drive!
Not persistent, so it won’t hold up system resources!
Lets you get to a certain subreddit quicker and faster!
Increase the efficiency of your “work”flow!

The screenshots have been modified to not show my bookmarks.


This extension is in no way endorsed, supported, or even known to All images, icons, and references to and its mascot “Snoo” rightfully belongs to I take no ownership of any icons or images in this extension. Please support reddit by purchasing reddit gold.

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