Night Video Tuner

Night Video Tuner

By Pyves

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Night Video Tuner


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Night Video Tuner Mode Free Download

Protect your eyes and improve your sleeping cycles by adjusting video temperature and many other properties!
● Use on all HTML5 video players: Youtube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Vimeo and more!
● Adjust video temperature to filter out blue light before sleep, which can distort your circadian rhythm according to recent research.
● Control 10 other filters to reduce eye strain and enjoy a better night viewing experience: brightness, contrast, gamma, opacity, saturate, grayscale, sepia, invert, hue and blur.
● Not only useful in night mode: tune video settings the other way around for bright environments.
● Improve the visual quality of videos and enjoy more vibrant images at all times.
● Enable, disable and precisely manage filters on the fly.
● Lightweight and user-friendly interface.
● Free and open-source.
● Available in English, French, Polish and Czech.

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Note: this extension is not affiliated to Netflix, Youtube or the BBC. The screenshots are only provided as usage examples.

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