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The changes in popularity of the words over the last centuries
What’s new in version 1.1:
*Now you can compare phrases by separating them with comma
*Beginning year can be set to 1500 or 1800
*An unnecessary permission was removed
*Better code under the hood

I couldn’t believe something similar to this hasn’t been made already. Not even by Google (the owner of data). So I made this for my personal use; thought somebody else might find it useful so I shared it. You are more than welcome to contribute by suggesting code, sending feedback and etc.

This tool does not require any special permissions or something like that. No data would be collected from you by the extension. Use it freely.

The code could not be any simpler than this. What this tool does is just connecting you to “Google Ngram Viewer”, which is a tool to see how the use of the given word has increased or decreased in the past. As someone who speaks English as the second language, my personal purpose of using Ngrams has been checking the new words I’m learning. Sometimes words become obsolete rapidly; in such cases, to have a better word choice it’s better to use a Synonym.

The shortcut key of the tool is Alt+N. When you opened it, type in the word (you can also type word combinations and names) then press Enter.

Quoting from Google Ngram Viewer’s FAQ:

“I’m writing a paper based on your results. How can I cite your work?
If you’re going to use this data for an academic publication, please cite the original paper:

Jean-Baptiste Michel*, Yuan Kui Shen, Aviva Presser Aiden, Adrian Veres, Matthew K. Gray, William Brockman, The Google Books Team, Joseph P. Pickett, Dale Hoiberg, Dan Clancy, Peter Norvig, Jon Orwant, Steven Pinker, Martin A. Nowak, and Erez Lieberman Aiden*. Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books. Science (Published online ahead of print: 12/16/2010)
We also have a paper on our part-of-speech tagging:
Yuri Lin, Jean-Baptiste Michel, Erez Lieberman Aiden, Jon Orwant, William Brockman, Slav Petrov. Syntactic Annotations for the Google Books Ngram Corpus. Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics Volume 2: Demo Papers (ACL ’12) (2012)

I’d like to publish an Ngram graph in my book/magazine/blog/presentation. What are your licensing terms?

Ngram Viewer graphs and data may be freely used for any purpose, although acknowledgement of Google Books Ngram Viewer as the source, and inclusion of a link to, would be appreciated.”

end of quote

Copyleft 2014-15. All wrongs reserved for the developer 🙂

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