NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles)

NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles)

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NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles)


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NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles) Mode Free Download

NflxMultiSubs 2021

Bilingual Subtitles for Netflix (fixed)
Best ever Chrome/Firefox extension to unleash bilingual subtitles on Netflix!

This is a fixed and updated re-release of the original NflxMultiSubs. This version contains a fix for the 2021 Netflix redesign that broke the original, and has various other bugfixes and improvements.

Click on the extension button to access the extension settings.
Note: this extension will only show the subtitle languages that are available in your country.

– Enable secondary subtitles in the available languages (incl. image-based subtitles like Japanese, Chinese, Russian, …)
– Smart selection on secondary subtitles. Choose between 3 subtitle activation modes: disabled; automatically match subtitle language to audio language; or remember the last selected language.
– Seamless integration with native Netflix player UI — switch languages in place
– Adjust playback speed with a hotkey ( [ and ] )
– Free and open source!

Report bugs by creating an issue on Github ( or send me an email (click “contact the publisher” on the right of this page).

– Small fix to make download url parsing more robust

– Fix crash in subtitle download url parser
– NEW: Add keybind to toggle subtitles (v)

– Fix line breaks not showing up in secondary subs

– Fix critical bug in subtitle builder
– NEW: You can now change the color of text-based subs from the settings page.

– Fix primary sub scaling
– Improve secondary sub scaling for 4K displays
– Show vertical scrollbar when subtitle list overflows

– Fix fatal crash in image subs builder

– Fix selected sub icon style

– Improve subtitle visibility
– Also try to match captioning type when activating last used language

– Fix another instance of image-based subtitle overlap
– Fix default audio language selection
– Fix playback rate controller

– NEW: Show last used language in settings menu
– Fix icon desaturation when video player is closed
– Fix subtitle menu style

– Fix last used language not always saving

– NEW: Add secondary language options (disabled, audio, last used)
– Fix subtitles overlapping in certain cases
– Fix image-based subtitle scaling
– Fix image-based subs sometimes falling outside of top screen edge

– Improve subtitles activating on the first try without requiring a refresh

– Fix subs not loading without player refresh

v2.2.0 (first release):
– Fix for the September 2021 Netflix redesign that broke the original extension

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