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newTabPosition Mode Free Download

Make your browser open new blank tabs next to the current tab.
If you are in the middle of a bunch of tabs and decide to open a new tab to do a quick search and then close that tab, chances are you will be dropped at the end of the tab bar and you won’t know the last tab you were looking at.

This extension will cause new blank tabs to be placed next to (on the right of) the last tab you were in, when you click on the new tab button (in the tab strip) or press Ctrl+T to open a new tab,

This allows you tabs to be visually grouped together.

This extension requires no browser permissions therefore use in confidence!

Sometimes when you open a new tab the new tab first appears at the end and then is moved into it’s correct position. This is normal and happens because Chrome will put extensions to sleep after a period of time to save memory and when you perform an action that wakes up the extension, the extension will take less than a second to wake up. This does not affect the performance of the extension and is an acceptable compromise because it saves your computer’s memory.

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