Netflix Awesome Extensions for chrome

Netflix Awesome Extensions for chrome

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Netflix Awesome Extensions for chrome


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Netflix Awesome Extensions for chrome Mode Free Download

The most awesome plugin for Netflix which solves all the inconveniences which should be solved by Netflix, but arent.
This app improves in an incredibly awesome way, the poor user experience provided by Netflix. Its introducing the most mind blowing features ever:

1. Click on the video to pause and unpause. BAM!
2. Adjust the volume with the mouse wheel. Wickedaaa!
3. Skip the intro automatically. Cha-Ching!
4. The annoying dialog which asks if you are still watching will be automatically accepted if you have move your mouse within the last hour. Patent pending!
5. If you let the netflix page open for a while it crashes and you have to reload. But not any more. Now just move the mouse and it will be reloaded for you. Bang!

The most awesome things in live are simple 😉

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Volume master google extension



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Package Name: midmkncnhpphmdjlnfcoinhcekapmkic
Version: 0.8
File size: 100KiB

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