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Minimal Tetromino Friends

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Minimal Tetromino Friends


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Reduces lag as much as possible by removing everything from the page except for the game itself.
Do you enjoy playing Tetromino Friends games, yet your skill is limited by lag or a slow computer? If so, this is for you!

What this extension does is remove everything from the page except for the game itself and the nice-looking background, set the Flash quality to “low” instead of “high”, and set the “wmode” parameter to “gpu”. This reduces lag significantly.


5.0.0, 2019-05-10
Browser extension name is Minimal Tetromino Friends

4.10.0, 2019-05-17
Update the URL to the Arena assets so the game works again.

4.9.11, 2018-01-27
Add ihs and irs options for URL hack

4.9.10, 2017-12-30
Remove new ads

4.9.9, 2017-12-28
Unblock daily lottery

4.9.8, 2017-09-21
• Fix multiplayer replayer after running at document-start
• Do not require game focus to restart

4.9.7, 2017-09-17
Restart key bugfixes

4.9.6, 2017-09-17
Add restart button for single-player modes

4.9.5, 2017-09-10
Remove new rail ads

4.9.4, 2017-09-02
Handle undefined values in options panel

4.9.3, 2017-08-26
No full-screen replayer, more sane starting position

4.9.2, 2017-08-23
Re-add autojoin feature after flashvars mirroring

4.9.1, 2017-08-22
Handle successful marathon replays

4.9.0, 2017-08-22
Make “no scaling in lobby and between games” consistent

4.8.16, 2017-08-20
Disable caching

4.8.15, 2017-08-12
Remove special scaling for sprint and marathon

4.8.14, 2017-08-10
Add livebust and version to game URL

4.8.13, 2017-08-09
Run at document start

4.8.12, 2017-08-09
Completely mirror flashVar order and content

4.8.11, 2017-08-08
Fix replayer scaling

4.8.10, 2017-08-07
Add flashvars that should not matter

4.8.9, 2017-08-07
Group config for userscript compatibility

4.8.8, 2017-08-06
Auto scaling for replayer

4.8.7, 2017-08-06
Re-add no scaling in lobby and between games

4.8.6, 2017-08-06
Run at document_start

4.8.5, 2017-08-06
Default scaling for sprint and marathon modes

4.8.4, 2017-08-03
Scale 1:1 if in arena lobby or between games

4.8.3, 2017-08-02
Fix wrong variable reference

4.8.2, 2017-08-01
Default values for settings

4.8.1, 2017-08-01
Adjustable full-screen

4.8.0, 2017-08-01
Silently load replayer

4.7.9, 2017-08-01
Fix replayer resizing

4.7.8, 2017-08-01
Fix resizing issue

4.7.7, 2017-08-01
Change maximum downscale to 18

4.7.6, 2017-07-31
Slider to control scaling

4.7.5, 2017-07-31
Fine-tune downscaling

4.7.4, 2017-07-31
Bugfix: replayer positioning

4.7.3, 2017-07-30
Add optional downscaling

4.7.2, 2017-07-12
Behavior when flash not found

4.7.1, 2017-07-12
Show names, avatars, and current rank

4.7.0, 2017-07-12
Support all games, support replay for all games

4.6.4, 2017-07-12
Load all games after blocking ad preroll

4.6.3, 2017-07-11
Handle ads site-wide

4.6.2, 2017-07-11
Block intrusive ads not handled by uBlock Origin

4.6.1, 2017-07-09
Optionally block winGrafix for reduced lag

4.5.8, 2017-07-05
Remove unused ExternalInterface declarations

4.5.7, 2017-07-05
Low flash quality

4.5.5, 2017-07-05
Use existing contentFlash

4.5.4, 2017-07-04
Run at document end for compatibility

4.5.3, 2017-07-04
declare unused ExternalInterface functions

4.5.2, 2017-07-04
Fix guest games

4.5.1, 2017-07-04
Add replayer after the game ends

4.4.10, 2017-07-02
Removed JSON parsing for stability

4.4.7, 2017-07-01
Using textContent for faster loading time

4.4.6, 2017-06-30
Using JSON.parse(), instead of eval() for security

4.4.1, 2017-06-28
Game resizes with the window, window uses minimal content document, other ad-blocking software will not increase performance. Game size is capped at the original size (it scales smaller but not larger).

4.3.2, 2016-09-23
Reverting back to 3.0.4 due to bugs.

4.3.1, 2016-09-22
Game resizes with the window, window uses minimal content document, other ad-blocking software will not increase performance.

3.0.4, 2015-06-23
Updated to use the “direct” wmode for faster rendering.

1.0.2, 2014-10-06
This extension used to be the “Minimal Tetromino Friends” Userscript, but that website has been down for months. Bask in the glory of your favorite userscript as an easy-to-install extension instead.

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Version: 5.0.1
File size: 82.09KiB

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