Material DevTools Theme Collection

Material DevTools Theme Collection


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Material DevTools Theme Collection


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Material DevTools Theme Collection Mode Free Download

Material DevTools Theme Collection
This is a porting of the famous Material Theme ( for Chrome DevTools. It completely redesigns the Chrome DevTools panels to the Material Theme Colors. And just like its inspiration, it also provides options to switch to other themes as well in the blink of an eye!

– Open Developer Tools
– Open the Settings > Experiments > “Allow extensions to load custom stylesheets”
– Close and reopen the DevTools

– Select a theme amongst the list of available themes
– Change the Monospace Font with a font installed in your computer
– Optionally change the Monospace Font Size
– Change the Accent Color (the color used in elements such as the tab highlight indicator, checkbox, radio buttons, etc)
– Colorize the Scrollbars with the Accent Color

Important note:
If you want to use a dark theme (Oceanic, Palenight etc), select the Dark Mode, otherwise select the Light Mode!

A big thanks for Jonas Ausgburger ( and Mike King for the inspiration.

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