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Mahalo Mode Free Download

Keep the good memories and plans in one handy digital space.
Mahalo is a daily gratitude journal. It helps you to focus on what matters most.

Moreover, you can use Mahalo as a digital notebook to keep track of your daily activities.

You can also sync Mahalo with your Google Calendar to have your whole day in one tab.


⋆ Pages separated by date
Fill in your answers to the predefined gratitude questions, and easily add your remarks for any day you choose.

⋆ Weekly view
See and edit your notes for the entire week.

⋆ Rich editor
Format your text as you like (bullet points, colours, etc.)

⋆ The extension icon
Quick access to your writings via the extension icon in top right corner in the browser. By clicking on the icon you can either open the entire notebook or just a small popup with the current day. You can change that in the settings to your liking.

⋆ Smart popup
Once you click on the extension icon, you will immediately see the notes for the current or, selected in the extension, day. Very useful if you want to make notes while watching a video.

⋆ Page notes
You can collect data directly from the pages you visit through the context menu into the extension.

⋆ Google Calendar integration
You can sync your Google Calendar with Mahalo and see your events on the right side of the notebook.

⋆ Sticky calendar
For fast navigation between dates you can use a calendar which shows circles around dates that have entities.

⋆ Full-page editor
You have the option of using full-page view to edit your current note with complete focus.

⋆ Weather updates
You can check the weather in the bottom of the page with current temperature, sunset and sunrise time, as well as wind speed.

⋆ Dark mode
The light mode changes to dark mode after sunset for the comfort of your eyes.

⋆ 3D animation
Nice flipping page effect and coffee smoke in the dark mode.

⋆ Inspirational quotes
You can see inspirational quotes about the importance of gratitude in the right side of the notebook.

⋆ No account needed
Once the extension is installed you can write your text right away.

⋆ Work offline
Even without an Internet connection all your notes will be accessible to you.

⋆ Flexible configuration
By default we replace your new tab page with the extension. If you prefer to use your default page you can change it back on the Option page. Also, you can change how the G-icon behaves .

⋆ Simple, instant and FREE
it’s very easy and straightforward to use the extension, and it’s free. It contains ads.


We follow Chrome’s minimum permissions policy and only request the following permissions:

• “New tab page”: Enables to show the extension once a new tab is opened. It can be adjusted in the settings of the extension.
• “Geo location”: Enables to show weather updates. Dark mode depends on it.
• “Storage”: Enables the extension to store writings and settings locally in your browser, like cookies.
• “Context Menus”: Allows the extension to collect selected text from the pages you visit.

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