Magnet Links for Torrentz

Magnet Links for Torrentz

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Magnet Links for Torrentz


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Magnet Links for Torrentz Mode Free Download

Adds magnet links to torrent files on Torrentz.
Adds magnet links to torrents on the Torrentz search engine. Works both on search result pages and single torrent pages.

Note: on a search result page you need to hover over the magnet icon for a moment if you want the link to contain the trackers. When the icon becomes highlighted, it means that the trackers have been added, altough the link will also work without them. On single pages trackers are added instantly.

The extension works on all official Torrentz-sites but not on proxies. Supporting proxies is under consideration.

It’s written in vanilla JavaScript and is over six times smaller in size than its rivals.


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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Package Name: pgmaidhfoodebfiocgananbdfnankehm
Version: 0.9.2
File size: 8.78KiB

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