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Load Testing in the Cloud from LoadFocus.com Mode Free Download

Free Cloud Website and API Load Testing extension for creating and running free website and API load tests.
The Load Testing in the Cloud Chrome Extension from LoadFocus enables you to easily create and run load testing with thousands of concurrent virtual users from multiple cloud geographical locations.

Load Test results are displayed real-time using modern charts for all load and performance metrics which allows you to discover load and performance issues before your users do.

No code is required for creating or running load tests in the cloud, you can create and run a test in just a few clicks.

The Chrome Extension is created to load test your Websites, Mobile/Web Applications, Web Services and APIs using custom load testing scenarios, virtual users, ramp up time, ramp up steps and custom headers, cookies and others.

Scale realistic load tests with more than 10,000 Virtual Concurrent Users per test, all REST methods are supported, also Query Parameter, Headers, Cookies or Basic HTTP Authentication.

Inspect Response Time, Latency, Hits/second, Throughput/second, Standard Deviation, Percentiles 50th, 90th, 99th for all your previously created tests straight from the Chrome Extension.

– Create and run test scenarios for Websites and APIs
– Record all HTTP/S requests made by your browser
– Easy load test configuration in less than a few minutes
– Run load tests without any installation
– Run performance tests with thousands of concurrent virtual users
– Run load tests in under ten minutes
– Run API Load Tests
– Run Web and Mobile Apps Load Tests

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