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Kijiji Ad Repost Plus


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Kijiji Ad Repost Plus Mode Free Download

Repost your Ad’s on Kijiji with one simple click!
Last updated and Revamped on September 25, 2021!

Latest Features:
– Fixed some categories not reposting
– ******* Ads do not get deleted if the repost fails ******
– Tags and Phone numbers now show up on reposted ads
– Increased time for reposting to prevent reposted ad being marked as duplicate
– Ads that have fallen below the third page are now highlighted

Use the Kijiji Ad Repost Plus extension to easily bump up your ad(s) to the top!

Don’t you hate it when your listing falls below page one and your ads aren’t getting any new visits? Well, you could pay an extra $15.00 to Kijiji every time you want to bump your ad to page one… Or have the choice to bump up as many of your ads when you want with Kijiji Ad Repost Plus! This is the only chrome extension that works flawlessly in reposting Kijiji ad’s and the UI is seamlessly integrated into the Kijiji website.

Repost an ad with a simple press of a button –that’s it. If you wish to repost lots of ads, just select the ones you want to repost and press the repost button. All of them will be reposted within seconds. The cherry on top: there is no limit to the number of times you can repost!

Get the exposure you deserve at a fraction of the price. Don’t pay for a faulty extension and get the most out of your money.

“I always hated paying for the Top Ad’s section to keep my ad on the first page! Now I can easily bump my ad up.” – Kijiji Seller

Contact [email protected] if you have suggestions or encounter any errors/bugs.

Get Kijiji Ad Repost Plus today!

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