Just Delete Me for google chrome

Just Delete Me for google chrome

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Just Delete Me for google chrome


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Provides link in the omnibar to where to delete account and informs you how hard it is to delete your account.
Information about how to delete account is pulled daily from JustDeleteMe.xyz ( http://justdeleteme.xyz/ ).

This extension will add a traffic light icon to your omnibar indicating the difficulty in removing an account on the website your visiting.

Upon clicking this icon you will be taken to the page which you can delete your account.

Colour Key:
Green – Simple process
Yellow – Some extra steps involved
Red – Cannot be fully deleted without contacting customer-services
Block – Cannot be deleted

This extension is open source, if you wish to contribute or look though the code it’s available on github (https://github.com/jdm-contrib/justdelete.me-chrome-extension).

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Ruhul kabir is an Executive officer of googleextension.com. He loves the new Technology for learing. He normally published every Technology related in his post. He also works this website article Share at Googleextension.com

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Package Name: hfpofkfbabpbbmchmiekfnlcgaedbgcf
Version: 1.6.0
File size: 17.41KiB

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