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Usability enhancements for The Housing Bubble Blog (
The Joshua Tree Extension adds usability enhancements to assist in reading the Housing Bubble Blog, including:

* Displays the number of new/unread comments in each post summary
* Hilights new comments so they’re easily identifiable
* Adds a toolbar for jumping forward/backward to the next new comment
* Ability to ignore(automatically collapse) posts from specified users
* Adds text formatting buttons to the comment authoring environment
* Checks for unclosed HTML tags when posting a comment

Version 4.10.0 implements fuzzy username comparisons when evaluating the ignore list

Version 4.8.0 adds “Mark all contents read” context menu to Next button in toolbar

Version 4.7.0 adds “auto-quote” behavior that automatically quotes (wraps in ’emphasis’ tag) and selected text when you click the ‘Reply’ link

Version 4.6.0 adds basic HTML validation on comment submission

Version 4.5.0 adds format buttons for comment editing

Version 4.3.0 Tweaks the color of ignored comments and attempts to fix an animation timing issue.

Version 4.2.0 adds back ignore list functionality

Version 4.1.0 adds back the options menu (ignore list still not functional), as well as makes the extension/toolbar more mobile-friendly.

Version 4.0.0 adds partial support for the new blog format, limited to new comment count on main page, and toolbar + new comment navigation on comments page.

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