Japanese character selector

Japanese character selector

By Fox Islam

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Japanese character selector


Japanese character selector

Japanese character selector Mode Free Download

This extension allows the user to type Japanese katakana and hiragana characters without downloading an IME.
This extension allows you to type hiragana and katakana characters without downloading an IME.

To use:
Type the pronunciation of the character you want into the input field, use up and down arrows to navigate and press enter to select.

Change notes below:
Truth be told I had no idea that people were actually using this and had only chanced upon the comments in the reviews this morning while I was trying to publish one of a couple of terrible themes that I use while I’m at work.

The comments were all absolutely valid and I felt pretty bad that I hadn’t addressed them sooner so I got working as soon as I got home. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

– Added a method to restrict the character set to only use hiragana or katakana
– Made exactly-matched characters appear first in the selection
– Refactored the code to be only slightly better than it was when I initially made this

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