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Jam for google chrome

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Jam for google chrome


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🍓 Capture and share perfect bug reports in seconds. Jam is the first bug reporting tool that you will actually enjoy!

Found a bug? Take a screenshot, record a video, or share the last activity of your session in one click.

💥Features you’ll love:

1. COMPLETE TECHNICAL DATA – Jam automatically captures console and network logs, timestamp, device specs, and all the info your developers need.
2. FLIGHT RECORDER – skip the description share the last minute of your session. All the data is secure and stored locally until you choose to share it.
3. SEAMLESS SHARING – share your bug report with anyone – they don’t even need to sign up for Jam to see it!
4. INTEGRATIONS – integrate Jam with Linear and create tickets automatically (more integrations are coming!).

🤔What’s in it for you?

1. A more reliable product for your customers
2. Faster bug resolution time
3. Free up your time from QA busywork, and give you more time and energy back
4. Reduced frustration for you and engineers

⚡ Click “Add to Chrome” to start creating perfect bug reports in seconds. And, it’s free!

🙃Up your bug reporting game now, engineers will thank you.

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Price: Free

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Ruhul kabir is an Executive officer of googleextension.com. He loves the new Technology for learing. He normally published every Technology related in his post. He also works this website article Share at Googleextension.com

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