Image Viewer+ | A Modern Image Viewer

Image Viewer+ | A Modern Image Viewer

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Image Viewer+ | A Modern Image Viewer


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Image Viewer+ | A Modern Image Viewer Mode Free Download

Desktop experience in your browser – inspired by the Google™ Image Viewer
❓ Do you ever want to inspect an image quickly in your browser without having to download it?
🤩 Then Say Hello To Image Viewer+!

⭐A full-fledged image viewer for Chromium browsers with many features, while remaining simple and easy-to-use!
🔥 It is lightweight and incredibly fast!
💯 Works on every image, and even SVGs!
🖱️ Grab and pan the image with your mouse
⌨️ Shortcuts to make rotating, flipping or downloading even easier
🔎 Zoom in-and-out quickly with your scroll wheel
↪️ Rotate from 0° to 360° with ease

⚪ Modern and safe:
👉 Feels built-in, being inspired by the official Google™ image viewer used in their own products.
👉 Comes with a built-in feature that can access hidden details of the photo like the creation date or location, without ever having to download or upload the image anywhere!

⚪ Make it your own:
👉 Fully customizable look and feel – change the list of displayed buttons with ease, or hide the UI completely!
👉 The dark mode can either follow your system settings or stay light / dark all the time.

⚪ Secure:
👉 This extension was created using the latest iteration of the Chrome extension platform. According to Google, “Manifest V3 extensions enjoy enhancements in security, privacy, and performance”.
👉 The extension will never store or send any information about you or the pages you visit.

☝️ Add it to your browser TODAY!

🗒️ Notes:
1. While the code was written with optimization in mind, the smoothness of some visuals might be altered by the resolution of the viewed image, the number of active extensions and the performance of your computer.
2. Works with every image opened on a new page, except for BASE64 encoded images and restricted websites (browser limitation)
3. When viewing SVGs, the page will not have the buttons interface (technical limitation), but every other functionality works as expected
4. The extension can only read existing information about the image. Since the EXIF data of most images on the web have been stripped out by the platforms the photo gets uploaded to, the info tab will work best with photos you took, or obtained through a service like iMessage.

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