Hangouts Notifications Extension

Hangouts Notifications Extension


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Hangouts Notifications Extension

Hangouts Notifications Extension Mode Free Download

Hangouts Notifications Extension

Add Chrome notifications to hangouts
Open source Extension which adds Chrome notifications to Hangouts tabs.

It supports multiple hangouts instances at the same time (for example if you’re using both Gmail and Inbox).

Notifies you when:
– A contact becomes online
– There’s a new chat message

Remember! You need to keep your gmail, inbox or hangouts tab open for the extension to work. I am not affiliated with Google in any way, so it’s the best that I can do 🙂



– Support long notification times on Windows 10 by adding a Close button
– Reliably recognize when the tab is active


– Keywords support
– Optional permissions to avoid re-opening tabs
– Support long notification times and update notification


– Open a configurable URL when the extension icon is clicked, defaulting to ``

– Add the “Play sound” option
– Add the “Mute all notifications except for” option
– Re-style options page
– Clicking the extension badge opens the options page

– Show an active icon when the extension is running

– Add a “Disable on” option
– Redesign options page

– Better multiple conversations support, trying to show the avatar of the person how actually spoke
– Add an option to fire notifications even if the hangouts tab it’s not active

You can view the code at

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