Hangar Link Connect for google chrome

Hangar Link Connect for google chrome

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Hangar Link Connect for google chrome


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Hangar Link Connect
Hangar Link Connect is a companion extension for the Web Application https://hangar.link

This is an extension that helps you get your data from your Star Citizen Hangar on https://robertsspaceindustries.com and view your data on https://hangar.link.

Previously the only way to access your data was to use the Hangar Export extension to retrieve your data from your hangar on https://robertsspaceindustries.com, save your data to JSON format and then manually import it into https://hangar.link.

This extension allows https://hangar.link to query your ship data without the inconvenience of exporting and importing files. It allows https://hangar.link to query your Star Citizen pledge data including Price Data, Pledge Data and Buyback data allowing it to present the data within the https://hangar.link app where you can search, filter, and display your data.

This is a ‘quality of life’ alternative to the manual file export/import mechanism of the existing extension Hangar Export.

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