Grateful Grabber

Grateful Grabber

By chrissbendel

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Grateful Grabber


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Grateful Grabber Mode Free Download

Easy soundboard downloads from archive!
This extension will make downloading your favorite Grateful Dead soundboards from easier than ever! In just one click you can download an entire show. It’s that simple.

Feel free to reach out to me and request and features, bugs, or new artwork images and I will be happy to chat!
– Fixed an issue where broken track titles from archive would make the extension not appear on the page

– Never realized that individual song downloads were broken. This was something that was changed in a recent version of chrome back in October, and I had no idea it affected grateful grabber. This should be fixed now, but the single downloads unfortunately won’t be as fast, but they will work now! Sorry for any inconvenience over the past few months, and I hope everyone will be happy again!

– Fixed an issue where certain shows wouldn’t download multiple versions of the same songs
– Added numbers to the song titles so they appear in order and you know what track number they are

2.3.0 – Thanks for the PR Jeremy!
– Cleaned up a ton of code
– Fetch files from the server rather than scraping HTML
– Looked into FLAC material – Any users who have been requesting FLAC files, we may be out of luck as they don’t even seem to exist on archive’s server – They’re either missing or completely blocked off from the public.

– Publication/show date selector changed on archive’s end, resulting in broken filenames. Should be fixed (100% on mac, any windows user’s email me if it’s still broken there)

– Turns out regex broke everything, should be back to normal

– Some songs weren’t getting downloaded because of special characters. Regex should fix this.

-Text files with source information and taper notes added!

-UI Updates. Much cleaner and simpler look!
-Included a fun little random stealie every time you visit a show! (Email me with any repository of cool pictures and I can incorporate more!)

-Fixed issue on windows with songs that had a ‘>’ in the track title, all songs should download now!

2.1.0 Version release
-Collapsible panel to access GG

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