GMB Everywhere - GMB Audit for Local SEO

GMB Everywhere – GMB Audit for Local SEO


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GMB Everywhere - GMB Audit for Local SEO



GMB Everywhere – GMB Audit for Local SEO Mode Free Download

GMB Everywhere – GMB Audit for Local SEO

View GMB categories, GMB Audits, Review audit, and Post audit. Spy, audit, and crush your GMB competitor with this Local SEO tool.
Your local SEO tool. You will now be able to see Google My Business (GMB) categories, do basic GMB audits, do GMB Review audits, do GMB Post audits and many related GMB audits directly on maps itself. Turbo charge your Google Business listing, GMB spy on your competitor, get google business analytics and win on Local SEO.

? How to use it?
– Install the extension from this page.
– Go to Google Maps, and you will see the GMB categories and audit buttons shown on every business page and search result page by default. It also works on Google Map Local finder pages.

? About us?
GMB Everywhere is a extension that lets you view Google My Business categories on Google Maps. We let you spy on your Google Business competitor and rank better on Local SEO. Our aim is to provide you more information so you can improve your Google Business listing.

? Our features?
Design and value to the customer is the number one parameter we aim for when we get our extension in public. Local SEO ranking can make or break your GMB listing. At present extension features includes.

⭐GMB Categories:
The categories you assign to your Google listing is one of the top parameter when it comes to Google map business ranking. With our extension you can see the categories directly on Google Maps and Local Finder. The pages it shows up include:

– Google Maps Business Page
– Google Maps Search Result Page
– Google Maps Business Page with bottom selector.
– Local Finder Page
– Local Finder Search Result Page

These categories automatically updates as you move from one page to another on these GMB resources above.

⭐Highlighting categories:
Among the categories that you assign to your business, it is the primary category that is the primary mover. It makes the difference between being on the 3 pack or in the bottom.

Our extension marks the primary category with a ‘⭐’. This way you can ideally differentiate between what is shown as the main category on google and what is the primary category. Unlike commonly believed, the default category shown is not always the primary category.

⭐Basic GMB Audit:
This will allow you to do a basic audit on the business. This will give you a ton of details about the business. This includes:
– Business claimed status.
– Location information.
– Place ID
– Knowledge Panel Link
– GMB Review Request Link
– GMB Review Display Link
– Post Link
– Many website auditing shortcuts.

⭐GMB Review Audit:
Quantity and quality of reviews are a very important parameter in GMB ranking. With this business review analysis, you would get vital information about the health of the GMB reviews. With this feature, you can find the following information about reviews:
– Graphical representation of reviews with time.
– Calculating rating of the reviews.
– Get analysis of content of their reviews.
– Get analysis of quality of their reviews.
– Get valuable information about the strategy you would need to follow to be effective.

⭐GMB Post Audit:
This feature will let you analyze the posts of a business on GMB. This uses the latest public data. This will give you a very accurate sense of the health of the posting frequency and other GMB Post parameters. With this feature, you can find the following information about posts:
– Graphical representation of their post strategy.
– Post frequency analysis.
– Post content analysis.
– Get valuable information about strategy you would need to follow to be effective.

⭐Other features:
– Export audits for future use.
– Transparent description about how we calculate data.
– Show all the result in search, maps and Local Finder.

? Future features:
We are working on a bunch of features to come out in iteration. Some of them will include:
⭐ Grid search or Teleport: Location from where you search is a very important ranking parameter on Maps. With this new feature you would be able to simulate this location.

? Some things to note:
⭐ We are not related to Keyword Everywhere, Keyword Surfer or PlePer. This extension can be used in addition to these extensions on Google.
⭐ We are also not related to GatherUp Google Review Link Generator or UberSuggest. They are just external links.
⭐ This is an independent extension that works on Google Maps and other Google resources.

? Contact us:
We are super excited to have you using our extension. In you have any questions, you can contact us using the chat option on the bottom right of

Would love to hear feedback.

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