GIF Blocker for google chrome

GIF Blocker for google chrome

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GIF Blocker for google chrome


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Block GIF and WebP animation images on HTML pages to reduce bandwidth and resource usage
This extension blocks animated images (*.GIF and *.WebP formats by default) to save bandwidth usage and improve page loading performance. The extension can get enabled or disabled from the action button. Once the extension is enabled, no animated resource is fetched from the internet. Instead, the remote image is replaced by a local alternative.

When blocking mode is enabled, the user can still selectively load blocked images from the right-click context menu over the image context.

How does it work:
This extension redirects all the animated image requests to the local SVG image. This way, there is no server request at all (not even the HEAD request).

You can unblock an image from right-click context menu. The unblocking stays for this browser session. Or until the extension is disabled by pressing the toolbar button.
Reduce bandwidth usage significantly by preventing any animated image loading. Animated images use a large amount of bandwidth compared to normal images.
Optionally disable the extension for WebP or GIF image format.
Optionally block video elements from auto-playing
Optionally block CSS animation

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