Gcalls Callbox for google chrome

Gcalls Callbox for google chrome

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Gcalls Callbox for google chrome


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Click to call any contacts inside various CRM platforms
Click to call any contact inside various CRM and Helpdesk platforms and understand your customers before any conversation. Gcalls Plus Extension attempts to make life easier for your telesales, sales and customer service team.

With Gcalls Plus Extension, agents can make calls right on your CRM, Helpdesk’s database page just by one convenient click without dialing customers’ number. For incoming calls, a notification shows up even when you are working on other interfaces. This helps to save time per call made and hence increase productivity.

We also help you deliver the best experiences to your beloved customers thanks to all important information shown when there is an incoming call. Your agents will know exactly what their name is, latest notes, latest tickets, latest deals etc. and be better prepared for a fruitful conversation. Nothing makes customers more satisfied than a professional service that always cares and respects them.

We have integrated the extension with several CRM and Helpdesk platforms. They are not what you are using? Don’t worry! Contact us at (+84) 898587099 or email sales@gcalls.co. Let us complete your call center solution and empower your favorite CRM tool.

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