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Adapts webpage for color blind people.
Fresh Eyes is an extension that adds an accessibility function for individuals with red-green color vision deficiencies. It contains several selectable modes to allow the user to optimize the color spectrum of various web content.

Easy to use, with immediate effect, Fresh Eyes is a step in making the web more vibrant for everyone!

The modes are as follows:
NoFilter – As expected (#nofilter)

HueRotate – Highest color contrast for red-green color deficiencies (180 degree hue rotation)

TrueColor – Reduces appearance of colors indistinguishable to red-green color deficient individuals and intensifies contrast between the remaining red/green values for optimal contrast. (color matrix transformation)

TrueColorG – Like TrueColor, but with added gamma correction to make shadows darker without increasing brightness. (It increases contrast without distorting the colors)

TrueColorD – Like TrueColor, but with more color saturation more similar to unfiltered (slight desaturation)

TrueColorN – True Color with a slightly different optimization for user preference.

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