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Free Comments on sites

Free Comments on sites Mode Free Download

Free comments on any site
The app adds a comments part at the end of the page.

The comments are shared between any user based on the url that is the key for saving the comments in the DB.

The comments are added to any site on request (when the use click on the extension icon) regardless weather there are already native site comments.

The other page information is not changes or checked. No information is taken from the page.

The comments are added as an Iframe, therefore, after the iframe is added, there is no connection between the pages contents and the comments.

The use may remove the comments by clicking a close icon (appears when moving the cursor on the top area of the comments).

Also, the comments section may be moved in all directions above the page content

The total scrolling size of the page is changed according to the size of the comments so only 1 scrolling bar is used by the user to scroll. (The regular scrollbar).

If the iframe already exists on the page, it is not added again.

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Operating System: Web Borwser

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Version: 3.0.0
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