Fluid Bookmarks

Fluid Bookmarks

By KFlunker

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Fluid Bookmarks


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Dropdown bookmarks bar with numerous options and customization.
Fluid Bookmarks adds a drop-down bookmarks bar to Google Chrome.

On install, hide your permanent bookmarks bar for the best experience.

Bookmarks open in new tab on left click.

Right click allows:
* Open in current tab
* Open in new window
* Open in incognito window
* Edit bookmark
* Move bookmark
* Copy url
* Delete bookmark

Bookmarks bar is fully customizable to meet all of your needs:
* Change the background color
* Change the text color
* Change the border color
* Change the bookmark hover color
* Change the font size
* Choose between bookmark names only, bookmark icons only, or both
* Choose how long your mouse must stay in the address bar area for the
bookmarks bar to drop down.

Supported on both Windows and Mac!

Worried about installing? Don’t be! Fluid Bookmarks will not affect your normal bookmarks bar. Installing will not corrupt your bookmarks.

Note: Bookmarks bar will not drop-down in the chrome web store or new tab pages.

Let me know if you run into any issues; I’m more than happy to help.

If you enjoy this extension, please let others know about your experience!
Thank you for your support!

Version 1.0
Fluid Bookmarks replaced New Tab Bookmarks

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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