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FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes

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FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes



FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes Mode Free Download

FatCoupon Cash Back & Promo Codes

Cash back and promo codes at 1000s of stores.
Why FatCoupon?
– Automatic coupon codes
– Coupon stacking (codes often work on top of sale prices)
– Earn cash back
– Our codes work! We have a full time code-testing team
– Sign-up for a rewards bonus

Promo Code & Cash Back Overview:
FatCoupon automatically applies really good promo codes and cash back when you shop online. Simply add FatCoupon to Chrome, and we’ll provide promo codes and cash back at check-out.

FatCoupon works at 1000s of stores, and we have a full time team finding the best working promo codes available. This means you’ll save more, and get a cash back bonus which other extensions aren’t able to do.

Pro-tip: After installing, sign un to claim 1,000 FC Coins. Earn FC Coins just for browsing FatCoupon.com or the FatCoupon app. Redeem rewards for gift cards and more, however, no sign-in is needed to access coupon codes for websites.

How the FatCoupon browser extension saves you money:

Earn cash back simply by activating that FatCoupon browser extension when you shop.

Save with promo codes. Our deal team works around the clock to stock the FatCoupon with more working promo codes than other shopping extensions. Our codes are often one-time use promo codes, which can stack on top of sale prices.

We also give you rewards just for scanning codes at check-out and more. Be sure to review our “Shopping Tips” for each store to ensure you get the best price. Oftentimes stores will want you to log in to access free shipping for instance.

Check out our handpicked deals. The FatCoupon team curates a list of deals with the best cashback and biggest promo code discounts.

Why use FatCoupon over other browser extensions?

We’re not your mom. Use whatever shopping extension you like, however, did you know you can run more than one extension at a time? Compare FatCoupon’s promo codes and cash back rewards to other shopping extensions, and you’ll likely find that we land you bigger savings and more cash back at top stores.

We have the best shopping extension because:
– We are committed to giving away the most cash back
– We have really good promo codes at top stores
– Earn rewards fast – no purchase needed.
– Redeem FC Coin rewards for gift cards at Amazon, Macy’s, COACH Outlet, eBay, Walmart, and more*
– We won’t slow down your browser like other coupon sites.
– No need to find and test promo codes on your own. We do the testing for you. No more copying and pasting codes from random coupon code sites.

The FatCoupon shopping extension FAQ:

Because of our promo code stacking and coupon vetting, FatCoupon saves 10-20% more than other extensions.

Our promo codes are curated so you never land on non-working promo codes as you do with other coupon code sites and shopping extensions.

Fat Coupon adds promo codes at thousands of stores and restaurants at online checkout. If you want the best price for shopping online, add our extension.

Our savings are sweet like honey!

How do I get Black Friday Promo Codes?

FatCoupon provides Black Friday promo codes right in the extension. You can shop confidently on Black Friday, knowing you’re saving the most.

How do I get Cyber Monday Promo Codes?

Just like Black Friday Deals, our team works around the clock starting in October to ensure we have the biggest Cyber Monday codes and savings available. Sign-up for our email list on FatCoupon.com or check the FatCoupon extension for extra holiday promos.

Black Friday month is a thing now, so shopping early isn’t a bad idea.

How about coupons for tech like Memory, RAM, laptops, gaming consoles, and PCs?
The FatCoupon extension has promo codes for laptops, PCs, memory, SSD, and accessories. Check the extension or visit the FatCoupon website for details on the top computer store promo codes.

Does FatCoupon have make-up coupons?

You best believe it! We have promo codes for most major cosmetic brands and stores. From mascara to concealer, to anti-aging serums, we have a coupon for you.

Does FatCoupon provide printable coupons?

No. FatCoupon’s codes are for online check-out only – this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re reading this. Simply install the browser extension and we’ll automatically apply coupons for you at online check-out.

Does FatCoupon provide food and restaurant coupons?

YES! We know you’re hungry. I mean, aren’t we all?! FatCoupon has promo codes and deals at tons of restaurants and stores. Install the extension then search for your favorite restaurant to see what offers are available.

How do I redeem my cash back?

Cashback rewards can be redeemed for gift cards at top stores. It typically takes 8-12 weeks for cash back to go from pending to available for redemption. This is largely due to merchants wanting to ensure the order is fulfilled and not returned. Occasionally the use of a promo code can negate cash back earnings.

What is a ‘Chrome coupon extension’?

Coupon extensions automatically apply promo codes when you shop online. This is what FatCoupon does. Install today, sign in to earn rewards, then shop at your favorite store websites, and FatCoupon will automatically find, test, and apply coupons for you at check-out. Do not hesitate to ask us questions about this process. It can be a little confusing to people who are new to browser extensions?

Speaking of browser extensions? What is a browser extension?

Browser extensions are add-ons to your web browser like Google Chrome. They are small pieces of software that enhance your web browsing experience, by providing additional features and services. Be careful though, only install fast browser extensions like FatCoupon.

Privacy and data protection are extremely important to us. We never sell or share your data. Please read our privacy policy for more.

Visit FatCoupon.com for a list of stores, our top deals, and to get insider promo code info from our savings blog.

Our goal is to help you save more when you shop online.
Try FatCoupon and let the magic happen. Be sure to leave us a review after you save.

Have a question or a comment? Don’t hesitate to get in touch on FatCoupon.com/Contact.

*More gift card stores coming soon.

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