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FasTube Faster YouTube

By Andrea Lombardo

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FasTube Faster YouTube Mode Free Download

The best way to navigate YouTube.

The best way to navigate YouTube!
Simplifies the way to view the video without having to reload the entire page each time. Thanks to FasTube the navigation on YouTube will be considerably better and accelerated.

Each time you want to view a video on YouTube you have to wait the load of the entire page of the video before enjoying the show.
We wait to load the player, the related videos, the advertising, the list of channels … and a lot of other things that basically don’t have any importance to anyone interested in the single vision of the video.

With FastTube this will no longer necessary.
You just have to click on the thumbnail of the video to watch the video directly in the same page you are.

FastTube is activated by clicking on the thumbnail of the video, while the normal link of the pages are available by clicking on the title of the video.

FasTube is useful to display videos directly from the YouTube homepage or search page results.

To be sure that FastTube is on, check the YouTube logo, if to the right appear the word “FASTUBE ON” FastTube is ready to do its duty.

With FasTube you can turn off light and stay focused on the video by click the button LIGHT ON – LIGHT OFF.

Thanks FasTube you can easily show the video url by clicking on the SHARE button.

Furthermore with FasTube you can rotate the player when the video is recorded upside down by clicking ROTATE button.

**********From v.: 1.9.8**********
Missed a bug to be solved in 1.9.8 😀

**********From v.: 1.9.8**********
Works in all pages, not only in home
Play also playlists
Fixed some bugs

**********From v.: 1.9.7**********
Fixed little bugs

**********From v.: 1.9.6**********
Added social buttons, for rapid sharing;
Fixed little bugs

**********From v.: 1.9.1**********
New option page;
You are able to auto turn off the light every time you click on a video thumbnail!

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

Author Details

Mst. Kulsum Akter

Technical Information

Package Name: mhkojhcnbjmmecmhbjnobopbbplmhfme
Version: 1.9.9
File size: 762KiB

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