Fake Profile Detector (Deepfake, GAN)

Fake Profile Detector (Deepfake, GAN)

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Fake Profile Detector (Deepfake, GAN)


Fake Profile Detector (Deepfake, GAN)ScreenshotsScreenshots

Fake Profile Detector (Deepfake, GAN) Mode Free Download

Right-click on a profile picture, our model will detect if that image contains a GAN generated or real person!
How to use V7 Deepfake Detector
– Install V7 Chrome extension
– Enable Chrome notifications on your computer
– Choose the profile picture you want to scan
– Right-click on the picture and select “Check Fake Profile Picture”
– See results in the top right-hand corner notification

– Currently only works on Desktop
– This chrome extension uses notifications to output the AI model results, so be sure to have them activated and not to have ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode when using it
– If you are on a Mac, you can often find the results in your notification center which you can access by swiping with two fingers from the right edge of the trackpad to the left.
– This AI model only works with StyleGAN images used to generate fake human faces of people who don’t really exist. It does not detect video deepfakes or face swaps.
– Does not currently work with deep fakes in video or face swaps

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