FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier)

FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier)

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FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier)


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FABUI (FurAffinity Uploader & Notifier) Mode Free Download

Implements a better uploader and notification system on FurAffinity.
An extension that makes the user-experience on FurAffinity better by adding a new notifier system on your toolbar and getting rid of the outdated and clunky default upload system of FA, replacing it with a much more user-friendly and resourceful uploader. Main features include:

– Upload multiple files at once.
– Ability to drag & drop files anywhere on FurAffinity’s upload page.
– Edit details on the fly and save them to use later as Upload Defaults.
– Have series and comics update their links to previous/next/first submissions automatically.
– Organize everything into a list to be uploaded sequentially while you relax in the background.
– New notification system that displays new submissions, comments, journals, favorites and notes directly through your toolbar.
– Disable FurAffinity’s compression and upload images based on their original quality.

No more wasting time going through 4 different pages just to upload a single file to FurAffinity or having to click every single page to see the new comments you’ve received, install FABUI on your browser now and make your user-experience on FurAffinity so much better!

Icons made by Smashicons from www.flaticon.com
Rich-text Editor by Quill from www.quilljs.com

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Version: 5.14.2
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