Extreme Markup Editor for Blogger™

Extreme Markup Editor for Blogger™

By extreme-markup.blogspot.com

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Extreme Markup Editor for Blogger™


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Write blog posts with Extreme Markup, which resembles Hatena Markup and is much easier to use than Markdown.
Extreme Markup is a markup language designed for Blogger, which resembles Hatena Markup (はてな記法).

This markup language makes you write blog posts much easier.

You can create hierarchical lists, definition lists, and tables with the minimum typing. You can also paste source code and prettify it in a single step.

In addition, Extreme Markup cooperates with Blogger’s functionality very well. You can use all the buttons like Bold, Add Link, or Insert Image.

Designed specifically for blog writing on Blogger, Extreme Markup is much easier to use than Markdown.

If you are a programmer and familiar with text editors rather than word processors, this extension must be a perfect solution.

For details of its syntax and features, please visit http://extreme-markup.blogspot.jp/p/syntax-and-features.html

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