Enhanced Image Viewer Google Chrome

Enhanced Image Viewer Google Chrome

By Branimir Klarić

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Enhanced Image Viewer Google Chrome



Enhanced Image Viewer Google Chrome Mode Free Download

Enhanced Image Viewer Google Chrome

Enhances Chrome’s image viewing capabilities.
Customizable image viewer for Chrome.

✓ Image centering
✓ Setting background color
✓ Image zooming relative to mouse cursor
✓ Image rotating relative to mouse cursor
✓ Mouse panning
✓ Vertical scrolling
✓ Horizontal scrolling
✓ Key mapping for rotating and scrolling
✓ Scrollbar hiding
✓ Flipping image horizontally and vertically
✓ Scaling image to fit browser window or to actual size
✓ Default image size options
✓ Viewing image in same tab
✓ Overriding Chrome’s default image viewer
✓ Works with local files and incognito mode

Default controls (viewable in the options page):
• Left mouse button click – scale image to fit window or to actual size
• Left mouse button drag – pan image
• Ctrl + Left mouse button drag – default Chrome behavior

• Mousewheel – zoom image
• Ctrl + Mousewheel – scroll vertically
• Shift + Mousewheel – scroll horizontally
• Alt + Mousewheel – rotate image

• Mousewheel and Ctrl + Mousewheel roles can be reversed

• H key – flip image horizontally
• V key – flip image vertically

• Q key – rotate image 90 degrees counter-clockwise
• E key – rotate image 90 degrees clockwise

Feel free to leave any feedback you might have. It will be addressed as soon as possible.

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