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eBesucher Addon


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Discover new websites and get paid with the eBesucher add-on
This extension is specifically developed for eBesucher.com and partner sites that are affiliated with ebesucher.com

With this extension users of the eBesucher surfbar and click ads can visit partner websites according to their area of interest and earn eBesucher points in return.

What the addon does when starting the surfbar

– every 15 seconds to 10 minutes, it redirects you automatically to a website of our advertisers in the surfbar. The addon indicates the retention time (= time that is required to remain on the website in order to get your bonus) and allows you to permanently pause all features. It also gives you access to the last visited website (requires login) and the earnings of the current hour.

What the addon does when visiting click ads:

– After clicking an ad, a target site will open in a new tab. The addon will load on the target site and show you the retention time. You are rewarded with points when the retention time has elapsed. The Addon will then indicate the amount of points.

Using the eBesucher addon offers significant advantages:

– Increased earnings, since all campaigns can be displayed in the surfbar.
– The surfbar can be launched directly.
– No second TAB and no surfbar helper is required to start the surfbar.
– The surfbar can be launched automatically through the eBesucher restarter.
– The surfbar is protected against sites that load a framebreaker.

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