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Dream Style for google chrome

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Dream Style for google chrome


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Dream Style
This extension is a link to the Dream Style app. Select the text, then right-click, you can see Dream Style in the menu, and click the Dream Style menu to jump to the Dream Style application.

Dream Style add-on is a creative tool, powered by the most advanced AI, Including:
Dall-E2 AI model,
Anything AI model v3/v4,
anime-anything-promptgen-v2 (for optimize prompt),
InstructPix2Pix AI model,
Stable Diffusion AI V2.1,
Stable Diffusion img2img AI,
Stable Diffusion anime AI,
stable_diffusion_infinite_zoom AI model,
pytorch-animegan AI model,
Stable Diffusion fine tuned on Midjourney v4 AI model,
Stable diffusion promptist AI model (for optimize prompt 2),
codeformer AI model.
Scribble Diffusion AI model.
Super HD photo AI model.
Stylegan AI models (contains 25+ AI styles).
ControlNet AI models series.

if you want to upload a picture with a unique style temporarily, you only need to enter a simple prompt, and it can be generated immediately. Moreover, if you have a ready-made picture and you want to make your uploaded picture have a unique style, then this addon is a good choice. Dream Style Doc addon will transform the image into different styles. Endless styles can be generated.

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