Drag n Drop Image Saver For chrome

Drag n Drop Image Saver For chrome

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Drag n Drop Image Saver For chrome



Drag n Drop Image Saver For chrome Mode Free Download

Drag n Drop Image Saver For chrome

Get a drop area on any website to Drag and Drop images for instant downloading.
Are you just fed up with the mess of an imaging downloading process?
Now, say goodbye to all of your image downloading issues!
An amazing ‘Drag And Download Image Extension’ that will help you in saving your precious time and efforts during a tiresome image downloading process.
You can simply drop and download all of your favorite images, icons, or templates that are visible on any web page without much efforts and al of your downloading will be done within a fraction of the time.
Are you really curious to know about its various exciting features and functionalities?
It is described in a stepwise manner as shown below:
• This unique extension allows you to easily download any image on any webpage directly into your storage device just by dragging and dropping an image on a specific ‘download box’ that will be shown on your web page.
• After installation, you can just click into this extension next to the address bar that further opens a pop-up showing a description related to the core functionality of extension along with an ‘Insert Box On Page’ link.
• On the top of your opened tab, you can see an attached download box which acts like a dropping area for all of your images. As per your convenience, you can add this download box on the top of any open tab.
• A ‘Download box’ also behaves like a tray to preview a small version of your already downloaded image.
• Your image will start downloading instantly by simply dragging an image displayed on any web page and dropping it on the provided download box.
• You can also see your downloaded image in the tray by clicking on it.
• The UI of this extension allows you to minimize and maximize it at any moment without covering your web page content.
• Anytime, you can easily remove this extension completely and also re-install it again by clicking ‘Add Box to Page’ link.
• You can not download all images, some image formats are not compatible.
• There is a limit for this downloader tray. You can not download more than 15 images at a time.
• Once a tray reach to its maximum limit, you have to just remove this tray by tapping the close button visible on the top right of the download box. Also, you can reattach it on tapping ‘Insert Box On Page’ link shown as the default extension pop-up.

So, don’t wait, try this image downloading extension now!
Have fun with your image downloading!
Also, if you really like this extension then don’t forget to share your experiences by leaving your comments and reviews.

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