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Domain Defender (TM)


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Domain Defender (TM)


Domain Defender (TM)

Domain Defender (TM) Mode Free Download

Made by ai6net to check blacklisted sites
Please read our FAQ AT:

This is a small update where user must enable page bars themselves with improved display on page bars.

This is the second release of the FREE AI6 Domain Defender Extension for google and Website security Tester. The extension will simply compare a site you are visiting in your browser against a blacklist of potentially malicious websites, it will notify you if the site is on our blacklist by turning the icon either green or red.

You simply cannot have enough protection or notification or warning when visiting websites and you can use our extension alongside other similar extensions, I am sure you are aware that not all malicious databases or extensions are the same and where one malicious site checker vendor may say a website is safe another vendor has had an alternate experience.

At present NEW Defender acts as a warning only, it does not interfere with your browsers normal operation or stop any page from loading it simply warns you that a site is listed. we aim to improve the extension to include more detail about the site that is classed as malicious and why, additionally further user settings so that if the defender finds a bad site it will provide a warning page before you visit (this facility can be switched on/off) Please provide feedback if you find the extension useful.
The defender is a necessary by-product of the URL / Link Shortener and far more complex than the link Shortener itself, after producing and maintaining the Defender for six months we decided to extend it yet again to produce these extensions for browsers.

AI6 works to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about unsafe web resources to protect your site and your computer and any of your site users. However, not even Google OR AI6 cannot guarantee that its information is comprehensive and error-free: some risky sites may not be identified, and some safe sites may be identified in error and/or simply just not identified yet.

We use a few services to provide us with up to date information on malware sites and no site (including Google) can guarantee 100% removal of any risk as the Internet changes every hour of every day, new malicious viruses and Trojans are created and new websites are attacked, additionally; there is a chance of both false positives (safe sites flagged as risky) and false negatives (risky sites not flagged) it is a consistently changing risk.

AI6 and Domain Defender ™ is the property of Mr P Grimes of Globel Software Limited and is distributed free of charge please read the GPL licence concerning this.

Developers Contributions By:
Mr P Grimes.
Naeem Malik.

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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