DJSON. JSON Viewer & Formatter

DJSON. JSON Viewer & Formatter

By dar.desantis

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DJSON. JSON Viewer & Formatter


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DJSON. JSON Viewer & Formatter Mode Free Download

Extension to format and view JSON, from Web, Input or File.
* Format JSON and JSONP input or responses
* Minify or Beautify JSON
* Theme support
* Syntax highlighting
* Collapsible trees, with indent guides
* Recursive collapsible elements
* Clickable URLs
* Toggle between raw and parsed JSON
* Line numbers
* Works on any valid JSON page – URL doesn’t matter
* Works on local files too (if you enable this in `chrome://extensions`)
* You can inspect the JSON by typing `djson` in the console
* Counts items and properties in a collection
* Show JSON path of the elements on hover and copy it with the context menu
* Option to start with JSON collapsed (always or if the file is big)
* Recognize nested JSON strings in properties value
* Hashes, Encode, Time Strings, Numbers utils

Pro Tip
* Hold down control (or cmd on Mac) while collapsing a tree if you want to collapse all its siblings too.
* Hold down shift while collapsing a tree if you want to collapse also all his children

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Price: Free

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