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Debate This – By ConvinceMe


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Debate This - By ConvinceMe


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This extension adds the link you are on to a debate on ConvinceMe is the ultimate debating website. First off it’s free to join. There are three main debating sections. Open, Battle, and King of the Hill (KOTH). Open debates can have endless debaters all competing for their side. In open debates, if your argument convinces someone, then you gain a point. It’s your chance to convince the world that you are right! Fight for you side! Battles are one on one debates with another member of You can create a general challenge, or challenge an individual. Then you argue, add evidence, and convince other members to give you their vote. The winner takes all. King of the hill is a little like open debates, except that you get one main argument, and your goal is to convince members to give you the points. The first person to get 10 points wins, and is crowned king of the hill.

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