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Collapse/expand button for long comments. [SPOILER]Your spoiler here[/SPOILER] tags. (Optional) Mute usernames you like.
v1.1 some important updates

Install this extension to partially hide TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) comments in the Dramabeans website. Long comments will be cut off with an option to show the whole thing.

Extra feature: Specify usernames you want to mute (case-sensitive). Their comments will be replaced by something fun*** so you won’t be offended while reading the beanut gallery.

***Take note that the definition of fun will be dependent on mary aka kdramalaws aka Song Jae Rim’s #1 fan.

Update March 14, 2015: Added custom spoiler tags. Now text enclosed in [SPOILER]your spoilery squeeing here[/SPOILER] will be displayed in very faint color. Hover the mouse over the spoiler to see it clearly.

Compatibility: This extension works only on Google Chrome, desktop version of the Dramabeans website.

Disclaimer: This extension is unofficial and was not sanctioned by the Dramabeans crew. Use of this extension means accepting that Song Jae Rim and mary is your OTP.

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