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Dafty for google chrome


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Unoffical improvements for Daft.ie
Searching for a property to rent or buy is a time consuming effort usually over
a long period of time. Daft.ie is a great website for doing this in Ireland,
as it is the default site that every puts their property on. However, the
search experience leaves something to be desired, which this extension improves.


– Hide properties that you never want to see again. This can be useful if you have one or more searches that you look through regularly for changes, and you don’t want to be distracted by properties you’ve already taken out of consideration.
– Hide entire towns. Daft lets you opt in to search towns, but does not let you do a broad search.e.g of Dublin, but exclude some areas. With Dafty you can!
– Take notes on the search page. Remind yourself of important facts regarding a property, e.g. that you’ve emailed the landlord, that you have an appointment etc.
– Quickly read the property details. From the search page, read the property details without having to open a new page.
– View photos. From the search page, look at the photos for the property without having to open a new page.
– Auto-Paginate. By default Daft just shows you 20 results per page. Often this is not enough, and you find yourself paging through screen after screen. This extension instead auto-fetches up to ten pages and puts them all on the screen to be scrolled through immediately. This gives you up to 200 results per screen. If there are more than 200 results, you can still click the “Next” button to see them. Allied with the “Hide” feature, this enables you to quickly scan over a regular search for any interesting changes, hiding those you’re not interested in and quickly spotting any new additions.

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