CrowdScrape for google chrome

CrowdScrape for google chrome

By CrowdStrike Inc.

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CrowdScrape for google chrome


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Scrape web content for indicators of interest and integrate CrowdStrike Intelligence information
The CrowdStrike Intelligence Team is proud to announce the release of CrowdScrape version 1.3.3.

CrowdScrape is a Chrome Plugin designed to allow you to be able to scrape indicators from various websites and in-browser documents such as PDF reports while matching the data up against CrowdStrike Intelligence. This release provides bug fixes and enables support for customers in all cloud environments, and includes support for the OAuth2-based Intel API, which has replaced the deprecated legacy key-based APIs (see for further information on our API).

This easy to use tool produces indicator lists that collect:
· Domain, IP addresses, URLs, hashes (MD5, SHA1, SHA256) and Bitcoin addresses
· On-Screen Tagging of CrowdStrike known indicators, and links to Indicator Search
· Matches to CrowdStrike Intelligence with links to reports in CrowdStrike Intel Portal
· Integrations with the CrowdStrike Indicator Graph to visualise intelligence

In addition, you can use CrowdScrape to copy any indicators to clipboard making it easier to pull OSINT from different sources and converting this to a text file for implementation into your systems.

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