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Croosing Extension

SUPERLINK by Croosing
The Why:

Your clients have plenty of options. Create the one that counts.

The How:

Croosing is taking browsing forward by re-inventing what makes the Internet “click”, the hyperlink.

Introducing the groundbreaking SUPERLINK technology for autonomous browsing, Croosing enables you to lead targeted clients from any channel to complete a tailored journey towards the desired outcome.

The Differentiation:
Everyone sees “manual browsing” as a fact of life. We’re changing that.

Croosing’s privacy statement:

We will not collect any personally identified information unless you willingly provide it.
Your information will be secure with us and we will not share or sell it to other parties.

Croosing’s detailed privacy policy is available for you at

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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