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Cr!Box for google chrome

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Cr!Box for google chrome


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An extension that provides an easy way of reconnecting your Fritz!Box.
The extension is ported from the Firefox add-on “Fox!Box”. It provides functions for reconnecting your AVM Fritz!Box and querying your external router IP address within the Google Chrome Webbrowser. A configuration interface is also supported to configure the URL to Fritz!Box’s UPnP interface.

Version 3.3 adds a possibility to specify a connection port for SSL connections in the configuration page.

Version 3.2 adds SSL support for opening the web interface for Fritz!Box device and improves transfer statistics of Fritz!Box device. Several runtime issues of undefined property access when object was not available were fixed.

Version 3.1 increases the green color ratio of the rays within the picture that is shown when the Fritz!Box device is connected to the internet to have a better contrast to the disconnected version of the picture. So if the Fritz!Box device is connected to the internet a router with green rays is shown, if it is disconnected for some reason a router with gray rays will be shown.
Furthermore the “Tabs and browsing activity”-permission is removed since it is not needed by this extension.

Version 3.0 should now support AVM devices running Fritz!Os versions >= 6.xx. Please let me know if you still have problems with this extension.

Version 2.5 removes the Fritz! Logo since the usage of this logo violates AVMs industrial property rights. From now on a generic router icon is used for the logo.
Internationalization, i.e. English and German language depending on the operating system locale setting is now supported using Google Chromes internationalization-API i18n.getMessage.
Please note: Fritz!Box devices with Fritz!Os version > 6.XX are currently not supported by this extension since I don’t have such a device at home and therefore cannot test the extension. If you are the owner of such a device and know a little bit of Fritz!Boxs application interface feel free to contribute. Every contribution making this extension working again for such devices is very welcomed…

Version 2.4 supports new manifest file version 2. Furthermore all inline java script code in onclick / onload / setTimeout parameters were replaced into either lambda style functions or direct function pointers.

Version 2.3 should fix the missing connected / not_connected icon.

Version 2.2 rehosts the plugin which is now called Cr!Box because the former name violated the Google Branding Guidelines. Cr stands for element 24 within the periodic table of elements.

Version 2.0 now supports displaying upload and download statistics such as upload / download volume and upload / download rate. These statistics represent the cumulative count over all connection instances of your Fritz!Box device.

Version 1.2 now supports opening the web interface of Fritz!Box via a new menu entry called “Opening Web Interface”.

Version 1.1 now supports displaying the external connection status within the Cr!Box icon itself. The icon displays a green check while connected and a blocking sign while not connected within the lower right corner. The tooltip of the extension is updated accordingly.

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