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CR-Extender for google chrome Mode Free Download

Provides extended functionality to Crunchyroll along with visual changes
So what the hell does this do? This extension aims to extend the functionality and fix some things about Crunchyroll’s website. The feature list of what this does is set out below with an explanation of what each one does.

Just a heads up, the extension will leave the Crunchyroll store to its default layout. I don’t want the extension to start interfering with not only how items are displayed on the store, but possibly during cart transactions that could result in errors or something worse for the user. This also includes anything to do with the account page, this means that as soon as you switch from looking at your queue to your account. You’ll be blinded to another dimension.

* Dark Theme – The theme makes the website and everything on it a nice dark sleek grey as the background. With text on the pages appearing in either orange for links or white and light grey.

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