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Comrade for google chrome


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Get the right offer, at the right time and get paid for it!
Get the right offer, at the right time and get paid for it! Receive highly relevant offers that bring real value to your browsing experience and get paid instantly when you visit them.

How does Comrade work?

Are you looking for shoes on an online fashion store? Receive a discounted offer on shoes from a competitor store. You visit the offer; you get paid instantly, and land on a product you were looking for. How good is that?

Comrade works because everyone wins.

You Win: With Comrade, you only receive relevant offers that matter to you at the right time and get paid when you visit them, whether you make a purchase or not.

Brands Win: To brands, there’s nothing more valuable than your attention. If they can have just a second of it, at exactly the right time, they’re willing to pay for it to send you the right offer.

– Only receive relevant offers that provide real value at the right time.
– Get paid instantly, whether you make a purchase or not.
– Increase your commission permanently by referring family and friends.

Unlike other browser extensions, Comrade is 100% transparent, privacy-focused and secure. Comrade doesn’t need to store, share or sell data, but rather, it analyzes activity to find relevant offers – storing only that activity that results in a match. This is necessary to provide you with rewards and to offer anonymized statistics to brands. Any activity that does not result in an offer is discarded permanently.

With Comrade, you can only gain. There is nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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