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Colibri: Make Charitable Purchase


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Colibri: Make Charitable Purchase Mode Free Download

Turn your online shopping into a charitable act with a single click.
Charitable Purchase is the next level of shopping online – and the future of sustainability.

Make a difference with a simple click and enjoy your online shopping more.

The human race is heading in the wrong direction, and if we continue at this rate, we will face serious consequences in a few years’ time. It’s a complex issue; we can’t point fingers and say who’s to blame. Instead, we must work together for a better world. A more liveable and sustainable future is in everyone’s interest.

Starting by realizing a simple sentence: IT IS TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!

Colibri is committed to bring a new era of cooperation and joint assistance to create long term sustainability and establishing a caring community.

We believe that corporate social responsibility is the cornerstone of a sustainable future. After all, they have been instrumental in getting us where we are now.

We have teamed up with more than 1000+ companies to help them with their CSR and give the absolute jolly jokers to you.
★ with Colibri, you can decide who should get the CSR (so the big ones will not use this money to support their own non-profits to evade taxes). This means you can select the best fitting cause you would like to support whenever you shop online.

★ from now on, you will see whenever you enter an online store if they support environmental or social issues or not (so you can prefer stores that actually gives back to the community)

★ make Charitable Purchases with a simple click

★ examine the report of your impact every quarter to see what result the non-profit could achieve with your previous contribution. After you decide if you want to change who you support with one click or not

Colibri is not perfect as we are, but it is totally transparent and constantly developing. To authenticate reliability, we publish financial reports quarterly.

Remember: it is just the platform; the real magic only happens when you join and push the “Activate Charitable Purchase” button.
A system can not, but we humans can create and preserve life.

By installing the Extension, you agree to the Colibri Charity Terms & Conditions:

It is time to save the Earth!

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