Codify for google chrome

By James Matchett

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Codify for google chrome Mode Free Download

Checks for malicious phishing URLs that use other alphabet characters
Prevents phishing attacks by checking URLs for phishing signatures of Unicode and PUNYCode URl manipulation.

Install once, Codify inspects passing URL’s for manipulation, locally on your computer, no data sent or stored whatsoeever.

Parses URLs that appear to be correct when read by eye for any common phishing URL manipulation and gives a visible alert if the URl contains one of these patterns.

This extension will stop you getting caught out with dodgy links that appear to be correct but actually are fraudulent.

If you like browsing with ease without the fear of clicking on a fraudulent website with a manipulated URL this application is essential.

Toggle on or off by clicking the icon in the top right. Full write-up of the code contained here! 🙂

Complete list of testing sites at

Test it at and see if the alert comes up!

Made by James Matchett,, git:

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Version: 1.04
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