Codeforces Practice Tracker for google chrome

Codeforces Practice Tracker for google chrome

By Mohamed Mahmoud

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Codeforces Practice Tracker for google chrome


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Codeforces Practice Tracker for google chrome Mode Free Download

Track your practice progress on Codeforces.
Codeforces is one of the most impotent websites for any competitive programmer.
With this extension you can track your practice progress in codeforces through time phases, It simply adds new tab to your profile (or any other profile) in this tab you can find data about each time phase.

Time phase is period of time (ex. 7 days) so current phase is the last 7 days, previous phase #1 is the previous 7 days, and so on.
For each time phase it shows:
– Number of solved problems.
– Number of submissions.
– Hardest (Max Rated) problem you solved.
– Average of the rates of the problems you solved.
– Number of contests and virtuals you participated.
– Statics of submissions.

Note: Gyms problems and unrated problems are only considered in number of solved problems and number of submissions.

More features:
– Show each phase and compare it with previous one.
– Skip inactive phases.
– Change number of days of each phase.
– Show list of solved problems in each phase.

It can be useful also for trainers who want to keep updates about their trainees.

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