Chat Translator for DeepL

Chat Translator for DeepL

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Chat Translator for DeepL


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Chat Translator for DeepL Mode Free Download

Translate YouTubeLive chats by DeepL API
This extension automatically rewrites YouTube chats with translation results using the DeepL API.
You will be able to easily communicate with foreign people in real time using the excellent translation algorithm of DeepL (

# Option settings
## Translate from
Chats in the language you select here will be translated.

## Translate into
The comments or chat will be translated into this language.

## Translation text length
Only text of the length specified here will be translated.
This setting prevents excessive use of the API by spam with long texts.

## Translate all chats
When selected, all text within the chat field will be translated even if the language of the text is mother tongue.
Otherwise, only text in the selected language on Translate from will be translated.

## Strict mode
When the active tab is changed, the translation will be paused.
When you come back to the tab, the translation will be resumed.

## Remove translating icon
When selected, the translating icon loading.gif won’t be appeared.

## Remove author-photo, author-name
When selected, hide the user icon or user name in the chat field.

## Custom CSS
You can freely customize the display of the chat field by writing CSS
code here.

## DeepL API KEY
Select your API_KEY’s version Free or Pro and input your DeepL API_KEY here.

※To use this extension, you need API_KEY of DeepL. Also, you need to log in to Chrome and sync turns on.

# Support languages
Please check `target_lang` on
“BG” – Bulgarian
“CS” – Czech
“DA” – Danish
“DE” – German
“EL” – Greek
“EN-GB” – English (British)
“EN-US” – English (American)
“ES” – Spanish
“ET” – Estonian
“FI” – Finnish
“FR” – French
“HU” – Hungarian
“IT” – Italian
“JA” – Japanese
“LT” – Lithuanian
“LV” – Latvian
“NL” – Dutch
“PL” – Polish
“PT-PT” – Portuguese (all Portuguese varieties excluding Brazilian Portuguese)
“PT-BR” – Portuguese (Brazilian)
“RO” – Romanian
“RU” – Russian
“SK” – Slovak
“SL” – Slovenian
“SV” – Swedish
“ZH” – Chinese

# Disclaimer
Please check
before using this extension.

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