ChassistantGPT for google chorme

ChassistantGPT for google chorme

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ChassistantGPT for google chorme


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Use ChatGPT as your personal assistant
ChassistantGPT is a ChatGPT voice assistant. It allows you to send prompts to ChatGPT via voice and hear the response from anywhere! ChassistantGPT supports 60+ languages and dialects.

How To Use
Say “Hey girl” followed by your prompt. For example: “Hey girl, what is love?” or “Hey girl… Tell me a joke”. You can also configure a custom trigger phrase instead of “Hey girl”. Alternatively, you may trigger ChassistantGPT by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + E from anywhere in the browser.
If a prompt follows as part of the same sentence, ChassistantGPT will forward the prompt directly to ChatGPT. If not, a “beep” sound will follow (accompanied by switching of the popup icon to red), signifying ChassistantGPT is waiting for input.
Before sending to ChatGPT, ChassistantGPT will say “OK, coming up”. While waiting for a response from ChatGPT, the popup icon will turn green.
In addition to the voice response from ChatGPT, you can view the full conversation at any time by clicking on ChassistantGPT’s popup.
You may stop ChassistantGPT’s voice playback at any time by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + B.
If you closed the extension’s tab, you can reopen it by reopening the browser or reloading the extension.

ChassistantGPT relies on your existing session with ChatGPT. If you aren’t logged in, please do so at

The extension does not store any data. It does not transmit data from your device, except for the sentence that directly follows the “Hey, girl” command, which is sent straight to ChatGPT. The extension’s only permission is limited access to `` (webpage + fetch without CORS).

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